Shingle Roofing

Looking for roofing shingles Toronto & Surrounding Areas? We at Homestars Improvements will be glad to help! There are many things to consider before deciding on which roofing material to choose.

Roof shingles is a popular material choice in Toronto & Surrounding Areas homes, not just for aesthetic reasons, but because of its durability. It also requires low maintenance and it even helps protect your house.

Types of Roof Shingles:
Asphalt Shingles – Go for the asphalt shingle if you need an inexpensive but durable roof. It is a popular choice for houses and buildings in the windy area because the shingles, especially the fiberglass variety, don’t easily blow off.

Cedar Shingles – Cedar shingles don’t only look elegant, but even as a soft wood, it can withstand hail and heavy storms. It also naturally resists UV damage and insects. Although cedar is not fire-proof, it can be chemically treated to resist fires.

Slate and Clay Shingles – Slate and clay shingles both offer good fire protection, practically rot-proof due to its low water absorption rate and resistance to insects.

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